Meet Our Teachers

All of our teachers are highly qualified for their positions.  Our staff is 100% certified in their teaching and administrative fields.  Please look at the link “faculty information” that you will see when you hover your cursor over Meet Our Teachers.  This will give you information on our staff degrees, where they were earned, their experience, interests and philosophy of education.  We are proud to offer you the finest teachers we can find, to give your children an excellent academic experience.




Brooke Lee:  (email Ms. Lee) (Website)


Lindsey Kearney:  (email Ms. Kearney)



First Grade:


Bethany Mumford:  (email Ms. Mumford)


Patty Hayes:  (email Ms. Hayes)



Second Grade:


Mary Ann Cineus:  (email Ms. Cineus) (Website)


Nancy Christensen:  (email Ms. Christensen)



Third Grade:


Lindsay Bowen:  (email Mrs. Bowen)


Adriana England: (email Ms. England)



Fourth Grade:


Shannon Poirier:  (email Ms. Poirier)


Michelle Crawford: (email Ms. Crawford)



Fifth Grade:


Lisa Willey: (email Mrs. Willey)


Samantha Hughes: (email Mrs. Hughes)



Sixth Grade:



Stefani Gee:  (email Ms. Gee)


Thomas Wade:  (email Mr. Wade) (Website)



Specialty Staff:


Linda Brown:  (email Ms. Brown) Speech Pathologist


Jennifer Weese: (email Ms. Weese) Special Education


Lori Christensen: (email Ms. Christensen) Title 1




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